Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to Sozopol

BH and I originally planned to visit Sozopol on Thursday because the Deaf festival was in Primorsko. It turns out, however, that people are just staying in Primorsko, but the festivities were in Sozopol. Our friends drove us to Sozopol and we spent a couple of hours watching different performances.
One of the groups, I think from Serbia, did some sort of play about a woman that was stolen by an Arab. Her husband then goes off to find her. Maybe it was an important story for the actors, but it was not only boring, it also was verging on racism. 
Saving the girl from the Arab

Now she needs to become a nun? WTF
A lot of people translated songs. These were usually really boring­—not just for me, but for the Deaf people as well. In order to be interesting, you have to put some of yourself into the song. Or interpret it in an interesting way. That's why I like this guy: 
My favorite performance was by the Macedonian actors. Their play was about a group of Deaf people who go to a café and throughout the skit all of the actors would freeze save one, who would then talk about her dreams.

Our friend Radmila acting as a model
 The rest of the evening was spent at the hotel; we danced Bulgarian folk dances, drank Bulgarian beer, and swam in the hotel's swimming pool.
The Macedonians all went for a swim so we joined them!

Finishing the night at Tekila Club

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