Sunday, July 1, 2007

Czech Zoo

Today, we went to the zoo. We took the metro (which has been updated since 2000) and a bus. It was far away, an extra activity, and I almost didn’t go. However, I’m so glad I did. It was a blast. I remembered that the zoo was horrible from our first trip to Prague. Compared to the Minnesota Zoo it was boring and small. However, this has all changed and I was shocked to find a zoo that was both fun and visited by many Czechs. I guess there was a flood in 2003, and they had to redo the entire zoo. It seems that this has transformed the zoo from boring to quite exciting. We saw many animals of course, but the craziest was in the Indonesian exhibit. Within the night part of the exhibit, there were bats flying around. Not just in containment, but on the walkways WE were walking. So the bats would fly right by your head. It was crazy; mom would have freaked. It reminded me of the time on Park Street when a bat got in the house and Sarah had to scare it away. I don’t think they would do something like that in the United States, but it was really cool/scary. I could have sworn one bat brushed my hair, but I know that they wouldn’t hit me. On the way out, I was wondering why they wouldn’t fly out. Right after we left, there was a bat trying to get back into the exhibit! Apparently, the light of the outside bugged him, and he wanted to return to captivity.
There were many animals (some that I haven’t seen in American zoos) but I don’t really need to go into detail. It was fun to just see these animals with my fellow students, and enjoy the great weather (and of course, some zmrlzina).
On the way home, we took a boat instead of the tram. It was only 70 krona ($3.50) and it brought us back to Karluv Most (Charle’s Bridge). It seems like boat rides are more common here in CR than they are in the states. It is nice to just relax on the boat and chat with others.
Well, I have a Czech test tomorrow, and need to get to work studying. Na shledanou!

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