Friday, July 13, 2007

Blaming me on the Blanket

We have had it pretty easy in Jerome House so far. Our landlady is very pleasant, and the housekeeping staff is really nice as well. Mom would be disappointed that I don’t have to make my own bed. But, we had an incident the other day that kind of spoils our relationship with the staff here at the JH.
Yesterday, I came back from my poli-sci mid-term (which is a fun class and I feel like I’m learning a lot about transitions to democracy etc) and asked for my key. They gave me a really dirty look and said we had to talk. Apparently, they think I threw up in a blanket and threw it out a window. Which I didn’t do, obviously, but all signs point to my room. Why may you ask?
1) Three days ago, my roommate, Alex, threw up on the wall, which I didn’t even know about, but he had to pay today to get it cleaned up.
2) When Robby and Jori were staying, we had rented out two blankets, two pillows and two mattresses. I could have sworn that they took one of the blankets back, but they think that we are now one blanket short.
3) They found a lot of boxed wine in the trashes in the kitchenette.
4) Someone had thrown up in the communal shower two nights ago, and they had to clean that up too.
I understand that they are blaming me, but it still really is quite sad that I have to pay for the mistakes of some asshole that can’t hold his red wine. I actually have an idea of who it may be, but I’m not sure if I can prove it, because I don’t have evidence. Liza and I think it was the people down the hall that either stole our blanket or are now one short. Fortunately, we are going to split the cost between a bunch of us, but it is still kind of sad that we are being blamed for someone's stupidity. 75 bucks for a blanket. Crap.

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