Sunday, July 1, 2007


It’s been a while since an entry, but that is because I have been traveling throughout Southern Bohemia. This weekend, we took a bus-trip to various cities and saw some places in the Czech Republic outside of the city. The bus ride itself was fun. I was with all my friends, and we chatted the whole time and watched the Czech countryside pass by. It was a good way to learn more about my friends, and see more of this interesting country. I loved looking at all the signs and billboards and comparing them to advertisements we see in the United States and trying to figure out what the ad was trying to sell. The ride didn’t take too long to our first destination, and it wasn’t long before we were stretching our legs in the small(er) town of Trebon. Our guide showed us various buildings and talked about both architecture and the history of the town. Sometimes, I find it hard to follow the history professor. I’m not in the class, so the information is not as needed for me, and sometimes his lectures get a little dry. At the same time, I want to learn about these places. It gets hard, however, when he focuses on architecture, which definitely is not my strongest subject. After looking around the town, we were left to have lunch on our own. A couple of my friends and I went off and found a smaller
restaurant. In smaller towns like Trebon, the servers don’t know English and we were forced to order our meals in Czech. Of course, I was very excited about this and ordered fried carp. In this town, they have many man-made lakes and our known for their carp; in fact, carp would be served at the royal palace if the king was entertaining guests. It seemed weird to order carp at a restaurant, but it was decent. I didn’t like the bones, but the fish itself was tasty. After lunch, we all got some zmrzlina (ice-cream). Zmrzlina is perhaps my favorite Czech word (I’m not sure why it doesn’t have many vowels, but it is fun to say) and I love to both order it and of course eat it. I think their ice-cream is better than the ice-cream we have in the States.
After lunch, we went to a brewery that brews Regent beer. It was very interesting to see the process and taste some of the beers. We also learned some more about Czech culture; Czechs consume a greater amount of beer per capita than any other country. It seems to be an integral part of their life. After the brewery, we got back on the bus and headed toward Ĉeské Budějovice.

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