Friday, August 3, 2007

An End to Frustration

When I first arrived in Veliko Turnovo, I was very frustrated. I had just taken a 27 hour bus ride, only to face a test in Bulgarian, having forgotten all of my vocabulary since I started studying Czech, which I failed miserably. The other students at Boston College were leaving for the Black Sea, but they left before I had settled in, and I couldn’t leave with them. So here I was, stranded at the student dorms, while most of the students were staying at Motel Sveta Gora. I also was in a single room, so I had no roommate to rely on. I was completely alone. I wanted to return home to Prague, but I knew I couldn’t. Luckily, this mood didn’t last very long.
As soon as I had taken a shower and eaten some food, I headed out to the city. The walk was somewhat long to get into the centrum, but I immediately felt better. I think my negative attitude had sprung from the fact that I hadn’t slept very well on the bus, I hadn’t exercised in that entire time at all, and I had not eaten any protein since Wednesday. Luckily, these were physical problems that were fixed quite easily. After a 12 hour nap, and meeting some of the other members of the program, I am now able to recreate a family in Bulgaria.

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