Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stubbed Kids

Stubbing my toe on the cobbled street, I realized that I want to have kids one day. I shouldn’t have been wearing flip-flops, but as I climbed up a hill, I nicked the skin off of my big toe. It wasn’t that painful, but I didn’t want to have to deal with it. Obviously, I can clean a stubbed toe, but I wanted my mom to be there because she would do a much better job. Parents are so much more loving and caring, and my mom’s selfless love would have insured that my toe would not get infected. Right after these pangs of desire to see my mother, I realized that one day, I want to have such love for my own children. It came out of nowhere. I’ve always wanted to have kids, I think I’d make a decent father, but the feeling was so strong. I could imagine myself cleaning the toe of my small child, and it seemed like such a wonderful feeling. My friend Liza once told me a similar story. She was sitting on an airplane, and a boy was kicking the back of her seat when suddenly she realized that she wanted children. It seemed odd that such an annoying thing would make her want children, but now I think I understand. Everything about raising children is fascinating, and to be there and reprimand your child and clean his wounds and above all a kind of love that transcends all forms ... I’m curious if there were moments in your life where you realized that you wanted to have a child. Let me know, and don’t worry; I’m not going to have a child anytime soon.

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