Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shanghai Eats

Some people like to shop on vacation. Some like to lie on the beach. I like to eat.

Shanghai is fantastic for street food. I loved the pork mooncakes. I could eat these everyday.

And Portuguese egg tarts… mmm. I need one of these bakeries next to my house.

Pork and rice cooked in (banana?) leaves.

Oh, and the pot stickers that shoot out hot oil when you bite into them (so be careful!)

Don't forget stinky tofu!

Since this was China and I couldn’t read anything, I would enter a restaurant with a decent amount of customers and shrug my shoulders, point to something on the menu or a neighbor’s dish and dig in. Great method if you don’t have any allergies or dietary constraints.

But I didn’t get to try everything I wanted. Time ran out and your belly can only hold so much food. Crayfish were on the top of my list, but I overindulged on street food and didn’t have room for any crustaceans. I guess that means I’ll have to go back. And probably eat some more eggs and tomatoes. 

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