Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seoul Bucket List

I've accepted the admission offer for UC San Diego, so unless I get a full-funded scholarship to a school in Korea (and decide a program in Seoul would be better), I'll be leaving Korea on August 24th. I LOVE Seoul. I'm going to miss it a tons. So I've decided to be quite pro-active during my last days. I'll be trying to do something interesting/new/unexpected everyday until the 24th (oh, and re-visiting favorites). Although I want this to be a lot of randomly cool things, there are some things I have on my bucket list. When I've seen these things, I'll write a post on this blog or over at my Korean diary. This list is by no means exhaustive and there is a good chance I'll add to it as I go along.

Achasan: Very simple mountain that can be done on any given afternoon.

Andong Jjimdalk: This used to be one of my favorite dishes my first year in Korea. I haven't eaten it since 2012! (Ate it with Cali and Catie on May 14th near Korea University).

Banpo Bridge fountain: I've never seen the rainbow fountain! And I wanted to visit this before I even came to Seoul!?! I imagine I'll be disappointed.

Bugaksan fortress wall: The mountain behind the Blue House has a pretty cool wall. But I need my passport! (Thursday, June 6th)

Bukhansan: While I've climbed this peak before, I've never reached the top. Lazy me. Part of this mountain is literally at the back door of my school.

Cheonho Dong Jjukkumi Street: On one of these upcoming hot summer days, I want to cool down with spicy baby octupus

Chimaek: I hardly ever have chicken and beer. This should change! (We had some Chimaek in Gunsan on May 17th, 2013)

Chu-eo tang in Pyeonchang dong: One of the oldest restaurants in Korea is on one of my jogging routes. And I love this eel soup!

Coex: I've never really explored Coex. I've only been to a couple of exhibition halls in the building. 

Dobongsan: I'm going to be doing this mountain on the 26th of May with my Korean class. As long as I wake up on time. Update: I didn't wake up on time. Must do later...

Everland: I kind of feel like I should go to Everland but also won't be completely upset if I don't make it.

Garak Wholesale Food Market: I love food and markets! Woot!

Gwanaksan: Nice big mountain in southern Seoul. 5/5/2013

Han River Cruise: Though it isn't the nicest river, I still want to take a cruise on a sunny day.

Hamilton Hotel Pool: I wanna soak in the sun with the fabulous

Hwagyesa: This temple was so near Suyu but I never went. Because I'm stupid. (August 13th, 2013)

Hwangudan Altar: This altar is in a garden in the Westin Chosun hotel. Looks really cool.

Imo chip: I must visit my auntie and her great restaurant in Itaewon again. And again. And again.

Inwangsan: The large mountain in western Seoul.

Jeongneung: The tombs near my school are just a hop and skip away. I visited them on 5/15/2013.  

Jongmyo Shrine: I visited Jongmyo on 5/8/2013. Great time. Highly recommended.

Jogyesa: I walk around Jongno all the time in Seoul, but I've never been to Jogyesa. And my family has! 헐.

Kimchi Field Museum: Enough said. 

Korea Furniture Museum: Looks pretty fantastic. The building housing the furniture is beautiful too.

Korean War Memorial Museum: Just minutes from my house and I've heard that it is a great museum.

Magpie Brewery: Located in my neighborhood. I've heard they have really great beer. (Visited in June for an awesome event for the season finale of Game of Throne).

Majang Korean BBQ Street: Meat street!

Namhansanseong: A fortress at the top of Namhan mountain from the Joseon period.

National Museum of Korea: I've been here for twenty minutes. I should go for a bit longer... (Visited August 17th)

Noryangjin Fish Market: Sure, I've been here before. But I want more fish! 

Ojang-dong Naengmyeon: Apparently they have the best Naengmyeon. AND I LOVE NAENGMYEON! *Update* I went there on 5/7/2013, and yes. It is amazing. I will be back!

Random buses: C and I jumped on random buses before to enjoy the destination. We need more of that in our lives.

Samsung Museum of Art: Ten thousand won has always looked like such an expensive entrance fee for a museum, but that is just me being stupid.

Sarangchae at Cheongwadae: I like political history, and this museum focuses on the presidents of Korea and Seoul history. Nice.

Seokchondong Tombs: Never even heard of these before, but..

Seoul Museum of Chicken Art: I forgot this existed. I wanna see it!

Seoul Museum of History: I love Seoul and this museum is free.

Sillim's Sundae Town: Yum yum yum.

Sindang Ddeokbokki: Although I once hated ddeokbokki, I now crave it. Especially Sindang's ddeokbokki.

Suyu Dalkgalbi: Best. Dalkgalbi. Ever. (Ate some more for Magaly's going away dinner on June 16th. Definitely still the best).

Suyu Toast: Best. Toast. Ever. Yum. This is still the best.

Time Square in Yeongdeungpo: A bit of shopping! 

TUM: SK Telekom's Ubiquitous Museum. A museum about future technologies. 

Unhyeungung Palace: Not really a palace, but a rich person's house from the Joseon dynasty. Saw it on 5/16/2013

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