Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Wrap-up

I had a post at the beginning of the year with New Year's goals. Time to see if I succeeded.

1) Write a blog entry at least once a week. 
I was doing really well with this until September. However, I have been writing in my other blogs plenty, so I'll say success!
2) Try at least twenty new cuisines. 
This was definitely a fail. I did try one West African restaurant in HBC and some new foods at the Itaewon culture festival... Maybe this was a bit ambitious. I probably tried 20 new dishes! And I ate a bunch of new foods in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Macau.
3) Get into an advanced Korean class.
I think I'm in an advanced class right now. Level 4 at Sukmyeong.
4) Keep in touch with my family and friends back home more often. 
Hmmmm... I don't know if I did very well with this. Seriously, why don't I phone my family?!??
5) Watch more Korean dramas. 
Didn't happen. I tried to watch Life is Beautiful, but never finished it. I also almost finished Coffee Prince, but hasn't happened either. Still watching American television if I watch anything.
6) Take a Korean cooking class.
I didn't take a class, but I learned some techniques from my co-teachers, so I'm pretty happy.
7) Study my vocab! 
Success on the GRE! And my Korean vocabulary has expanded a lot.
8) Learn more ASL.
I broke up with BH in March... Since then, I haven't studied.
9) Exercise more. 
Success. I did a really good job at Beondong Middle School since our school had a gym. C and I were doing well for a while, but we got lazy as the days got colder.
10) Travel to at least three new countries. 
Success here as well. I went to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan. That's four countries! Yay!

Six out of ten... not bad. 

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