Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family in Sofia

My mom, little sister, and step-dad flew into Sofia the third week of May. We spent a couple of days in the capital. Our first stop? Starbucks. Where am I now? A week later? Starbucks. I do feel a little bad that I come to this mini-America once a week, but I have tried plenty of other coffee places in Bulgaria and this is the only place that makes a good iced americano. It is also one of the only places I'll randomly run into English speakers and can hear languages besides Bulgarian.
Anyways, we had our coffees and then we wandered around the 'must see' of Sofia: Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Russian Church, the National Palace of Culture, Ivan Vazov National Theater, and a couple of other things. I had talked down Sofia a little, so my family was pleasantly surprised. I must admit that there are some architectural beauties in this city.

Mom and John

Little sis...
It was fun to see my family's own perception of the city. Anna and mom were fascinated with all the old women with badly dyed red hair. John was just excited to not be working. They all tried to use some sign language as well, which was nice. We finished the day with a mehana (tavern) and ate some delicious Bulgarian salads and some not so delicious chicken.

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