Friday, February 18, 2011

European Commission

On Friday, we visited the European Commission. I didn't really know much about the institutions of the EU, but the presentations helped clear it all up for me. Since the Lisbon Treaty, it is kind of similar to the system in the states, which, for me, makes it easier to understand.
The European Commission is the executive.
The European Council is the senate.
The European Parliament is the house.
The talks at the Commission were perhaps the most interesting of the week. Not only were we given a crash course in the basics of the institutions of the EU, we then had more detailed discussions on the EU's policy on neighboring states, its trade policy, EU-US relations, and economic governance in the EU. Lunch was a lot of seafood, and then afterward we walked back to the hotel and actually saw a bit of the city. I really enjoy Brussels.

Chocolate Mannequin Pis

I love cheese
Sight-seeing was followed by dinner as a group at a Thai restaurant. Really funny conversations about how we thought women became pregnant when we were kids. I thought the guy took a leak inside of the gal. Ha.

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