Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beer in the CR

An entry in this diary should be devoted to beer. This bev has thrived in Prague, and continues to be brewed in the Czech Republic with great success. As I mentioned before, beer is cheaper than water. And it kind of makes sense- the Czech people demand beer production and are already offset by the increase in prices from the times before the Berlin Wall. Our PanĂ­ Profesorka told us that the beer used to be about 4 kronos (which equals roughly 60 cents). When changes occurred during the Soviet Regime which increased prices to closer to 20 kronos, many Czechs felt there way of life would be destroyed.
Enjoying our big beers...

Obviously, this change hasn’t effected life here too drastically. Beer is still the liquid of choice, and continues to be quite cheap when compared to prices found in the United States. Of course, this mostly applies to domestic beers ,such as Staropramen, Budwar, and Pilsner, but bottled imports are less than prices found in the states.
Budwar is another interesting story. It is labeled on the streets as both Budwar (it’s Czech name) and Budwesier (it’s anglicized name). Currently, there are legal naming battles between Budwar and the Budweiser in the states over the use of this name. However, Czech beer seems to have the upper hand since their beer is older, but I wouldn’t expect the name to disappear in the states anytime soon.
The beer is stronger here... I think they are allowed to have a higher alcohol percentage than beers in the United States. Of course, sometimes this can have unnecessary accidental buzziness could occur. This can lead to some fun situations too, but probably not blog worthy.
I think that is all I have to say about beer right now; maybe I’ll write more when I know more.

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